Erik Hinrichsen is an award-winning filmmaker with directing, editing, and shooting experience.
Contracted to work as a director, producer, videographer, and editor on award-winning short films, television shows, and digital content, Erik’s work has been featured in film festivals around the world, as well as on television and the inter-webs. He’s worked with the likes of Spike Lee, Kaitlin Olson, and Rainn Wilson, and alongside organizations such as Netflix, 20th Century Fox, The Walt Disney Studios, Condé Nast Entertainment, Studio71, the National Wildlife Federation, and Boston University. Currently, Erik resides in Los Angeles, CA where he writes in the third person and continues to develop, shoot, and edit projects to further his filmmaking career.
In 2012, Erik founded his own production company, BallerHouse Productions, with the belief that filmmaking can be the perfect fusion of art and entertainment by telling compelling stories that emotionally move audiences. With a vision firmly rooted in universal storytelling, BallerHouse Productions continues to work on producing unique and stylized projects ranging across the emotional spectrum.
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