Hasan Foster Reel 2022

Reel for Hasan Foster showcasing his work as a Creative Producer and Production Manager.

Edited by Erik Hinrichsen

Halter Technical – Microsone Informational Video

Halter Technical's Doc Justice introduces the Microsone discreet audio monitoring system.

Produced, shot, and edited by Erik Hinrichsen

Boston University Los Angeles Program

A sneak peek into the acting, writing, production, and PR/advertising opportunities offered by the Boston University Los Angeles internship program.

Produced, shot, and edited by Erik Hinrichsen

Desert Dolphin Skatepark – Impact

Desert Dolphin aims to make a social impact through art and the powerful medium of cinema. As part of our movie we constructed India’s largest and Rajasthan’s first skatepark to be featured in our film instead of shooting at an existing location. Once filming is completed the park opened to the public and will remain a free public park for all.

Edited by Erik Hinrichsen

Rainn Wilson for #SaveLACougars

Actor Rainn Wilson talks about the perils of Los Angeles traffic and his support for the #SaveLACougars campaign. in this promotional video for the National Wildlife Federation.

Shot and edited by Erik Hinrichsen

Hernia Help Call for Support

Call for support and informational promo for the Hernia Help organization.

Edited by Erik Hinrichsen

The Walt Disney Studios – Best of VR

Teaser for the Best of VR event, hosted by The Walt Disney Studios Technology Information Group.

Edited by Erik Hinrichsen

University of Vermont Track & Field Promo

Promotional video created for the University of Vermont Track & Field team.

Produced, shot, and edited by Erik Hinrichsen

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